Vote to send UMass Permaculture to the White House

To our beloved friends and supporters,

Please click the image above, or here, or the button to your right to vote by March 3! ——->

The UMass Amherst Permaculture student committee, of which I am a member, received some incredible news this week! We’ve been selected as 1 of 15 finalists (out of 1000+ applications!) for the Campus Champions of Change Challenge, a national award hosted by none other than the White House! This means we are in the final round, and the general public is now voting for which teams will get A TRIP TO THE WHITE HOUSE and also be featured on MTV’s program “The Deans List.”

We have only 1 week to tally as many votes as we can – voting ends Saturday, March 3 at 11:59PM est (New York time!) Here’s a short description about our student group, and instructions for how to vote:

“UMass Amherst Permaculture is a student group that educates the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus and the local community about ecological permaculture solutions by demonstrating edible perennial landscapes that are highly productive, low maintenance, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible!”

How to vote, and sharing the link with others!:
1) Simply click the link below and vote (all 3 of your votes!) for “UMASS Amherst Permaculture Initiative”!
2) Share the ‘example text’ below on your Facebook wall / Twitter feed so others in your network will also vote!
3) Post this message to Facebook groups and other online networks that you belong to!
4) Forward this in an e-mail to your friends, family, listservs, etc! Ask them to vote and share it with others as well.

Facebook/Twitter example text with link!: Please vote to bring permaculture to the White House and to millions of individuals! We need your help more than ever!

In summary, we feel that this is such an amazing opportunity to bring huge amounts of positive light to permaculture on the international stage – to further promote the environmentally and socially-just food system and world that we all want to see. And showing it to literally millions and millions of individuals! Thank you so so much, everyone. We could be at the White House on March 15 with your help!

the UMass Permaculture Committee

5 minute video clip of the project: UMass Permaculture Documentary Series

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    Last summer I did I a travel study to UMass to take a Permaculture and Sustainable Design Course course by Ryan Harb. His organization at the University has just got some exciting news! Read on for more details:


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